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Finding the Best Badminton Shoes for Men in 2023

Finding the right badminton shoes is crucial for male players looking to improve their game. The best badminton shoes for men provide the ideal blend of lightness, support, grip and durability to match the explosive demands of the sport. This guide will compare the top badminton shoe models for men in 2023 and provide tips for finding your perfect pair.

For badminton players looking to improve their speed, agility and court coverage, having the right badminton shoes is essential. The intense lateral movements and explosive jumps in badminton put tremendous stress on shoes, requiring models that are lightweight yet supportive. With so many badminton shoes for men on the market, it can be tricky to compare options and know what features to prioritize.

This in-depth guide will walk you through key considerations for men’s badminton shoes, provide reviews of 5 top-rated models, and give tips for proper care and maintenance. Read on to learn how to pick the best badminton shoes that will provide the traction, stability and comfort to unleash your peak performance on the court.

Factors to Consider for Men’s Badminton Shoes


One of the most important factors for badminton shoes is minimizing weight. Look for models in the 150 to 200 gram range for the lightest options that won’t feel cumbersome. The lighter the shoe, the easier it will be to move quickly in all directions.

Upper Material

The upper part of badminton shoes should use breathable, flexible materials to allow proper airflow to the feet. Mesh uppers enhance ventilation so feet stay cool and dry. Some models incorporate synthetic leather for increased durability in high-wear areas. Well-ventilated uppers help reduce sweat and discomfort that could negatively impact performance.

Outsole Material

Badminton shoes need durable, grippy rubber outsoles that can hold up to frequent pivoting without slipping. Herringbone tread patterns provide multi-directional traction. The outsoles must also be non-marking so they don’t scuff or damage gym floors. Look for outsoles labeled as non-marking.

Heel Support

Due to the constant changes in movement during badminton, increased heel support provides better stability and injury prevention. Models with an external TPU or plastic heel counter offer a firm, wraparound grip. Some also have an internal heel cup or counter for added stability.


The midsole foam is what provides cushioning against harsh impacts from jumps and sudden stops. EVA foam is a common, lightweight material. Look for shoes with cushioning in the forefoot and heel for comfort across the foot. The insole can also be removed and replaced with custom orthotics if needed.

Fit and Comfort

Be sure to select the proper size badminton shoe that fits your foot shape. The shoes should grip the heel securely while allowing enough room to wiggle toes. Getting the right fit prevents slipping and blisters. Trying shoes on in-person is ideal, but sizing charts can help when ordering online.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Badminton Shoes for Men

1. Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3

The Yonex Aerus 3 earns rave reviews as one of the best badminton shoes thanks to its innovative features. Weighing only 185 grams, the Aerus 3 utilizes lightweight foam and air mesh upper for breathability. The Octopus outsole pattern and Power Cushioning in the midsole ensure excellent traction and shock absorption. At around $150, this is a top pick for competitive players.

best badminton shoes for men

Weight: 185g

Upper: Air Mesh

Outsole: Rubber, Octopus tread pattern

Midsole: Power Cushion foam

2. Li-Ning Speed 90 II

Li-Ning is revered for producing some of the lightest badminton shoes around. The Speed 90 II ups the game with an incredible weight of just 160 grams. The upper combines canvas and mesh with minimal seaming to eliminate pressure points. With its phylon midsole and integrated 3D comfort insole, this shoe provides cushioning without sacrificing responsiveness.

best badminton shoes for men

Weight: 160g

Upper: Canvas & Mesh

Outsole: Rubber, Herringbone pattern

Midsole: Phylon foam

3. Asics Gel-Rockét 9

Asics is known for its Gel technology, which applies cushioning gel pads in the forefoot and rearfoot areas. The Gel-Rockét 9 badminton shoe incorporates rearfoot and forefoot Gel to attenuate shock during intense play. The MonoSock construction and Trusstic System provide foot stability and arch support. Weighing in at 185 grams, reviews praise the comfort and support of this premium badminton shoe.

best badminton shoes for men

Weight: 185g

Upper: MonoSock Construction

Outsole: Rubber, Herringbone pattern

Midsole: Rearfoot & Forefoot Gel Cushioning

4. Mizuno Wave Unite 2

Mizuno shoes offer superior fit and comfort through anatomical shaping and Infinity Wave technology in the midsole. The Wave Unite 2 badminton shoe has a Dynamotion Fit upper that adapts to the natural contours and movement of the foot. At 195 grams, this imported Japanese shoe provides excellent cushioning and traction for the price.

best badminton shoes for men

Weight: 195g

Upper: Dynamotion Fit

Outsole: Rubber, Parallel Wave Pattern

Midsole: Mizuno Infinity Wave

5. Puma Vx500 Court Badminton Shoe

For players seeking an affordable badminton shoe from a trusted brand, the Puma Vx500 is a great choice. The lightweight upper is made of durable synthetic leather with mesh inserts for ventilation. The EVA midsole and non-marking gum rubber outsole provide cushioning and multi-surface traction. At under $50, this shoe packs in performance without breaking the budget.

best badminton shoes for men

Weight: N/A

Upper: Synthetic leather & mesh

Outsole: Gum Rubber, Pivot Point Design

Midsole: EVA foam

Tips for Properly Caring for Your Badminton Shoes

Investing in quality badminton shoes means taking proper care of them for longevity:

  • Inspect shoes before and after use for any wear or tears
  • Allow shoes to fully air dry prior to storing to prevent moisture buildup
  • Wipe shoes down after each use to remove dust, dirt and lint from the upper, sides and soles
  • Replace insoles regularly, around every 2-3 months depending on frequency of play
  • Consider having 2 pairs to rotate, which helps shoes retain their cushioning and extend use
  • When tread appears smooth or flat, it’s time to replace shoes with a new pair
  • Store shoes in breathable mesh bags and avoid extreme temperatures or moisture

Final Words

Choosing the right badminton shoes equipped with the ideal features for your game can give you a competitive edge on the court through enhanced quickness, grip and support. We hope this guide helps you pick your perfect pair of badminton shoes so you can play your best. Let us know if you have any other questions as you shop for your new court shoes!

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