Finding the Best Badminton Shoes for Women: 2023 Reviews

For female badminton players looking to gain better traction, support and quickness on the court, choosing the right badminton shoes is key. Women require shoes tailored specifically to their feet and athletic needs. This in-depth guide will compare the top-rated badminton shoes for women while providing practical tips for picking the perfect pair. Investing in proper shoes enhances performance and helps prevent injury during competitive play.

What Makes Badminton Shoes Different for Women?

Badminton places intense lateral demands on players’ feet with constant quick cuts, lunges and rapid changes in direction. Women have unique footwear needs to excel in badminton:

Narrower Lasts and Fit

Women typically have narrower feet and heels than men. Badminton shoe brands design lasts and proportions specifically to accommodate women’s feet. Trying on shoes ensures a proper glove-like fit. Ill-fitting shoes can hinder performance and cause blisters.

Lightweight Construction

Female badminton players prioritize lightweight shoes to maximize their quickness and agility on court. Models designed for women often weigh between 150-170 grams, with some as low as 130g. The lighter the shoe, the faster players can move without encumbrance.

Targeted Cushioning

Added cushioning in the midsole, tongue and collar areas provides comfort and absorbs impact from repetitive lunging and sudden direction changes. This reduces fatigue and joint strain over long matches.

Flexible, Breathable Uppers

The upper must flex naturally with the foot to enable quick lateral cuts and running without restriction. Uppers incorporate breathable meshes for ventilation during intense play.

Added Ankle Support

Many women’s badminton shoes feature collars specially designed to grip and support the ankle. Lower cut shoes with added padding aid stability during aggressive play.


Elements like synthetic leather toe caps and rubber side panels help withstand the rigors of badminton while maintaining lightness. Abrasion-resistant materials ensure long-lasting performance.

Understanding these specialized requirements allows female players to select optimal badminton shoes that reduce injury risk and enhance comfort, stability, grip and maneuverability on court.

6 Best Badminton Shoes for Women Reviewed

1. YONEX Women’s Sonicage 2 All-Court Tennis Shoes


Yonex dominates as the #1 brand for professional badminton footwear. The YONEX Women’s Sonicage 2 All-Court Tennis Shoes earns rave reviews as their top women’s shoe. Weighing only 165 grams, the lightweight yet durable construction excels during fast-paced play.

The PU leather and air mesh upper provides lateral support with optimum breathability. Exclusive technologies like Power Cushion Plus and the Octopus-inspired outsole deliver exceptional cushioning and grip for quick cuts and lunges. Comfort is enhanced by 3D-Flex technology that mirrors the foot’s natural joints. For female players seeking a high-performance shoe from a trusted brand, the Aerus 2 delivers.

Weight: 165g

Upper: PU Leather, Air Mesh

Outsole: Rubber, Octopus Pattern

Midsole: Power Cushion Foam

2. Li Ning Sonic Boost 950

Finding the Best Badminton Shoes for Women: 2023 Reviews

Li Ning crafts some of the lightest badminton shoes available using cutting edge materials. The Sonic Boost 950 has an optimized women’s fit and weighs just 170 grams. The seamless PVC and mesh upper provides featherlight support with maximum breathability.

Advanced technologies like carbon fiber plates and high elastic DP foam enhance durability and energy return while maintaining low weight. The 3D comfort interior and padded tongue and collar ensure a custom, comfortable fit. For players seeking the lightest shoe with excellent cushioning, the Sonic Boost 950 shines.

Weight: 170g

Upper: PVC, Mesh

Outsole: Rubber with TPU heel stabilization
Midsole: EVA Foam

3. Victor JetSpeed S S80C

Finding the Best Badminton Shoes for Women: 2023 Reviews

Victor produces top-tier badminton shoes designed for aggressive players, including their women’s JetSpeed S80C model. Despite weighing 180 grams, the S80C delivers exceptional cushioning and flexibility to attack the court.

The high-abrasion resistant PU leather and mesh upper moves naturally with the foot. VXF 3.0 is an advanced shock absorbing insole technology providing a highly responsive feel. The E-SOLE midsole compound offers comfort during play. For a durable shoe with excellent cushioning, the JetSpeed S80C is an excellent option.

Weight: 180g

Upper: PU Leather, Mesh

Outsole: NC Rubber

Midsole: E-SOLE Cushioning

4. Asics Gel Blade 7

Finding the Best Badminton Shoes for Women: 2023 Reviews

Asics is renowned for performance footwear incorporating their proprietary Gel technology for superior cushioning and comfort. The Gel Blade 7 has excellent shock attenuation thanks to rearfoot and forefoot Gel pads.

The MonoSock fit system enhances support during quick lateral movements. Asics’ Trusstic technology provides torsional stability while retaining flexibility. At 184 grams, this imported Japanese shoe provides excellent lightweight cushioning and stability for all-around players.

Weight: 184g

Upper: Flexion Fit

Outsole: AHAR Plus Rubber

Midsole: Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning

5. Mizuno Wave Unite 2

Finding the Best Badminton Shoes for Women: 2023 Reviews

Mizuno offers top-notch badminton shoes with a focus on comfort and stability. The Wave Unite 2 utilizes Mizuno’s Infinity Wave technology in the heel to smoothly disperse impact while providing responsiveness.

The SmoothFit upper adapts seamlessly to the dynamic motions of the foot. At 165 grams, this supportive imported shoe offers excellent value with technologies seen in Mizuno’s higher-end models. For club players seeking a comfortable, cushioned shoe for regular play, it’s a top choice.

Weight: 165g

Upper: Dynamotion Fit

Outsole: X10 Rubber

Midsole: Mizuno Infinity Wave

6. Puma Smash WNS

Finding the Best Badminton Shoes for Women: 2023 Reviews

For female players seeking an affordable and durable badminton shoe, the Puma Smash WNS hits the mark. The leather upper stands up well to regular use. Support comes from the padded collar and non-slip lacing.

The EVA midsole and non-marking rubber outsole deliver ample shock absorption for training and club play. While not the most advanced performance shoe, at this very accessible price point the Smash WNS offers excellent value.

Weight: N/A

Upper: Leather

Outsole: Non-marking Rubber

Midsole: IMEVA Foam

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Women’s Badminton Shoes

With many models and features to consider, keep these key factors in mind when selecting the ideal badminton shoes for your play style and needs:

  • Weight – Lighter shoes from 130 to 170 grams suit the fast pace of women’s badminton. Ensure models match your speed needs.
  • Fit – Try shoes on and walk around to guarantee ideal size, support and no slippage in the heel or forefoot.
  • Cushioning – Midsole foam, gel pads and padded collars enhance comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Traction – Non-marking gum rubber soles grip floors for quick cuts and lunges. Herringbone tread patterns excel.
  • Upper – Lightweight, breathable meshes or synthetics allow freedom of movement. Support panels add lateral stability.
  • Price – Entry models start under $60, while high-performance shoes range from $100 to $180+.

Set your budget while keeping an eye on features that match your playing style. Test shoes on court if possible. With the proper footwear, female players gain significant advantages in speed, comfort and stability.

Caring for Your Badminton Shoes

Extend the life of your shoes and retain top performance with proper care:

  • Inspect for wear before and after use. Retire shoes once soles appear flat or tread wears thin.
  • Allow shoes to fully air dry before storing to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Gently wipe shoes down after each use to remove dust, dirt and lint from the upper, sides and soles.
  • Consider rotating between 2 pairs of shoes to extend the cushioning lifespan.
  • Replace insoles every 2-3 months to maintain cushioning and support.
  • Store shoes in breathable mesh bags. Avoid extreme temperatures and moisture.

Finding your perfect pair gives the traction, responsiveness and support needed to take your badminton game to the next level. Use this guide to become an educated shopper when picking your next women’s court shoes. Please let us know if you have any other badminton shoe questions as you search for your ideal pair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoes are best for badminton?

For women, the best badminton shoes are lightweight, breathable, provide good lateral support, and have ample cushioning in the midsole and collar. Top models designed specifically for women come from trusted brands like Yonex, Li-Ning, Victor, Asics, and Mizuno.

Which Asics shoes are best for badminton womens?

Top Asics models for women’s badminton include the Gel Blade 7 with rearfoot and forefoot Gel cushioning and the Gel Rockét 9 which offers enhanced stability through Asics’ Trusstic technology. Both provide excellent comfort and grip.

Should badminton shoes be tight or loose?

Badminton shoes should fit snugly, especially in the heel and midfoot to prevent slipping during play. However, they shouldn’t pinch or feel constricting. Leave a little wiggle room in the toe area and consider sizing up if shoes feel too tight.

What is the difference between men and women badminton shoes?

Women’s badminton shoes cater to narrower feet, offer lighter weights, provide more cushioning, and support lateral cuts and quick changes in direction. Flexible, breathable uppers and ample ankle padding also make women’s models more comfortable.

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