Who We Are:

Our website address is: https://birdiefeet.com.


When visitors leave comments on the site, we collect data from the comments form, including IP address and browser user agent, for spam detection. An anonymized hash of your email may be sent to Gravatar service, with details visible upon comment approval.


Avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS). Visitors can extract location information from images.


Commenting may save name, email, and website in cookies for convenience. Login page sets a temporary cookie for browser compatibility. Long-term login and display preferences cookies are set upon login. Additional cookie for article editing.

Embedded Content:

Embedded content from other sites behaves as if visited directly, subject to their data practices.

Data Sharing:

IP address included in password reset emails.

Data Retention:

Comments and metadata retained indefinitely. Registered users’ personal info stored, editable, and deletable.

Rights Over Data:

Request exported personal data or deletion, excluding mandatory data retention.

Data Sending:

Visitor comments may undergo automated spam detection.

Third-party Services:

We may use third-party services for analytics, content optimization, and marketing. These providers have access to your data as needed for their functions.

Contact Information:

For privacy concerns or requests, contact us at [email address].

Policy Changes:

This policy may be updated to reflect site and legal changes. It’s advised to review periodically.